Gray Monday at Monginsidi Street


THAT day, Monday, 2006, Pastor Irianto Kongkoli came out of his house which was located on Jalan Lorong Tanjung Maninmabaya. That morning he rushed to a building shop located on Jalan Wolter Monginsidi Palu, Central Sulawesi because the building materials for house repairs had run out and the builder would soon be working.

With the Super Kijang he was driving, he followed the road from Tanjung Manimbaya to Monginsidi which was not too far away. Arriving in front of the shop, Irianto opened his car door and went straight into the shop building in question.

After asking the shopkeeper, he then went to the front of the shop to look at the building materials he planned to buy. But bang… bang… suddenly a lead bullet shot from a gun muzzle that was aimed not far from his vehicle which was parked on the side of the road.

Irianto immediately collapsed, a bullet hit his head. After shooting, the unidentified driver immediately left the scene.

Panic.. the shopkeeper didn’t know what to do except ask for help. He screamed and suddenly the residents around the shop came to help. Some of them took the initiative to immediately rush the priest to the Salvation Army Hospital which is also not far from the scene.

But death has come, Pastor Iriantio Kongkoli’s life could not be saved. The bullet lodged in the priest’s head completely paralyzed his pulse.

Receiving the report of the shooting, the police immediately rushed to the scene, secured the location and conducted site investigations. Another police force is deployed with a police unit standing guard complete with long rifles.

There was no trace until some time later.

Students who are members of the Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI) took to the streets. They urged the Central Sulawesi Police to be more serious in revealing the perpetrators of the shooting of the priest.

As a result, the Central Sulawesi Police team managed to uncover and even arrest the culprit. The case was then reconstructed on January 29, 2007. Ansar was the name of the shooter. Many do not believe that the skinny young man with minus glasses is the culprit. However, Ansar was imprisoned for his actions.

Text and photo: Basri Marzuki